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Social and Business Networking Platform

MyUpscaleDaddy is the best all-in-one social business networking site. We offer the opportunity for people to establish a social, business or personal relationship all within the same network. Ideal for the busy lifestyle person who does not have time to establish profiles on several different sites. Members have a separate profile for each part of their life they wish to share; social, business or personal. Use the Wall for immediate expression and establishing initial contacts.

Communicate and Share

The site offers all communication options including Chat Video, standard Chat, Internet Messaging, Email and a Forum. The Blogs section gives people the platform for self expression and a way to get thoughts and opinions out to the wider community. Videos, photos and music can be uploaded for sharing on MyUpscaleDaddy. Classified advertisements can be placed in many categories and there is a Question and Answer section.

Success, Ambition And Charisma

Within our community these attributes will be found and can be the foundation for a great short or long term relationship. Take the opportunity to interact with successful, ambitious people through the portal we at MyUpscaleDaddy provide. We make no guarantees but even in these leaner times there are opportunities, such as joining MyUpscaleDaddy, that you can take which will increase your options of receiving much more in life and which can eradicate the issues of financial stress that modern living can bring.

Giving you the Dating Edge

Interactive online dating is about making an honest effort to make a difference in your life. Whether you are looking for something serious or you are interested in moving within the social area of casual encounters our applications provide you with the expertise to get you there quickly. Our video chat and video upload/view pages are based on the latest technologies supplied by a 'cutting edge' professional software supplier.

Giving you the Business Edge is also a great online meeting place for business. We offer Classified Ads to suit all categories and requirements. Premium members have unlimited access to this area. Making a sale or purchase, recruitment or people searching for work - we intend to make this section of the site a global marketplace. We also offer paid advertising in the form of text or banner so if this area is of interest please contact

Always in front

In this modern age successful people are generally looking for quality information when it comes to meeting someone online. The depth and ease of navigation at MyUpscaleDaddy help achieve access to quality information without wasting valuable time. The site is updated as soon as new innovations or applications are available.

Global access

We welcome all nationalities and see ourselves as a link between the East and Western cultures. The attraction to people who are successful, ambitious, confident and experienced is not a new phenomena but the means to seeing the attraction realised are being advanced every day. As modern life offers us much easier and more convenient ways to socialise people expect more from the means supplied for communication. is about providing you with the most advanced means of meeting that special person, business contact or friend.

Success breeds success

Successful people tend to be experienced and confident as to their direction and position in life. They are normally knowledgeble and well travelled with strong ideas about how life should be spent. Positive attracts and these attributes serve to increase their attractiveness to the opposite sex. However, success in business or life in general does not always mean that you are destined to meet someone who is right for you or who at least displays some of the attributes you desire. provides the opportunity and service required to enable your access to people you may never otherwise get the chance to meet.

Logo Symbolism Explained

We have tried to configure the site for intelligent social networking/dating and as a 'bridge' between the Orient and Western cultures. Our logo design reflects this in a meaningful way and the design summary is as follows:
Taken from three draft samples this logo is probably the boldest approach, adding some extra personality to each element in the design. It uses a classic style shield with gold as the main element, with a mantle that resembles leaves, and a bold, classic gothic script font complementing the design.
  • The roaring tigers holding the shield in place share even more features with the traditional griffins, being bolder in this approach.
  • The feng-shui three-legged toad is more eye-catching as it seems toadvance or stare at the viewer. It mixes traditional Chinese coins with big golden coins, combining both traditional approaches.
  • The Chinese symbol of double happiness was created with a more personal brushed handscript style.
  • The peacock as a symbol of beauty is even more shining and visible against a darker background. The peacock seems to flap its wings, in a way to catch attention even more.
  • The tower concept is a very interesting approach and represents solidarity and trust, the combination of three towers with the red windows resembles almost a section of the Chinese Great Wall, being another good way to bridge both cultures.
  • The eight radius wheel of fortune follows a balanced approach in the size of each one of its circles.
  • The single scroll-style folded sash at the bottom wraps the base of the design and because of its layout is very versatile to fit any kind of text inside.
  • Administration and Site Utilisation Notes

    This is a serious site for serious people and we do not want to be disturbed by scammers, spammers,liars and thieves therefore there are some points to be noted before signing up.
  • A profile photograph to be used as your main photo is essential for approval so please upload this at signup.
  • The site will always be manually moderated where possible and we have a bad words filter in place. With manual approvals and moderation we hope to be able to keep the spam and scams out.
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