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Out of Work and Stuck for Ideas?

An expatriate who has lived a happy, successful life but is now concerned for the future of younger people offers his Western perspective from an Eastern country.
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The internet today offers varied opportunities for you to make money and it is really up to an individual how he or she can cash on these. The business of making money online is cut-throat and tough but can be lucrative. While there are many options that you can explore in this regard, some definitely offer more gains than the others. Here is a list of 9 ideas for making money on the net, each one worth exploring. We will work through each idea in more detail in separate posts.
#1 Online Blogging
First on our list of 5 ideas for making money on the net is online blogging. There are different methods that you can undertake in order for your blog to generate money. You can promote affiliate programs, sell Ad Sense or advertisements or even try and sell your products through your blog. The idea is to find a popular niche and then write about it. Update your blog often and make it interesting enough in order to generate high traffic. This traffic is the key to you making money through ads as well as RSS feeds.
#2 Affilitate Marketing
Next in line is Affiliate marketing. When working as an affiliate you tend to generate and direct traffic towards the website of the manufacturer whose product you are promoting and end up getting commission when a sale occurs. In order to make money through affiliate marketing there are two things that you need to be good at. First is to be able to generate traffic towards the main site and this you can do by creating a presence of the product on the net. Second is to be able to pre-sell the product to the customer and get them interested so that the visit can be converted into an actual sale.
#3 Become an Internet Marketer
Not as easy as it sounds - to make money on the net as an Internet Marketer you need to own a lot of domains and be able to set up a website network yourself until you can afford to outsource some of the work. Pretty much a full time job, Internet Marketing is different from an Affiliate Marketing in the sense that an affiliate works towards affiliating a product and earning money through commission, an Internet Marketer actually sells his own products and sets up his own affiliate programs. The methodology is the same as in the case of Affiliate marketing but here everything is done for promotion of your own product and the successful sale of that product.
#4 Google AdSense
Next on our list of 5 ideas for making money on the net is to make the use of Google AdSense. All you need in this case is a website and the Adsense ads but normally one site is not enough and will only make peanuts even with traffic. What AdSense does is allows you to display text, image and video ads on your sites. Google will stream relevant ads to your site and each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads you get a part of the money that the advertiser paid for the click to Google in the form of commission.
#5 Search engine Optimization
One can make money online with Search Engine Optimization in two ways, either by doing it for themselves or by selling their services to others. The idea is to generate high ranking for website pages through the use of strategic keywords, tags and back linking. A high rank leads to generation of more traffic and hence greater revenue – if your site is good enough to be able to close the sales. This method of making money is only for the experienced, internet savvy person who is confident that they can produce results. In our experience the best software to use for getting good results and providing professional reports is SEO Powersuite.
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2011/08/18 | Become an Expatriate?

A big step for most people, the decision to pack up and leave the home country does require planning and some forethought. It was easy for me as I joined the navy at the tender age of 16 so travel immediately became a natural part of my life. By age 23 I had spent a few years in UK under training and traveled to Australia, Singapore, Japan and HongKong with a stint off the coast of Vietnam.


After entering civilian life working for various companies and starting a sawmilling business in the home country I soon decided that something was missing in life and that more challenge was needed. This came in the form of a job opportunity in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. Now, if you are going to take up employment in this country do not tell any one - you will hear so many negatives that you will probably end up not going!

PNG is one of the most beautiful and untouched regions on the planet [apart from the damage caused by logging multi-nationals of course]. The beaches are pristine with no litter and crystal waters. Scuba diving with underwater visibility at 100' and such a diversity of fish life is a natural high. Sunken WWII shipwrecks and planes also make regular scuba diving a part of expat life here.

Hiking in the hills is an adventure through lush, tropical rain forest filled with creatures you normally only see on National Geographic. The Japanese were very active in Rabaul, East New Britain during World War II and there are caves and old fortifications to explore.

My work contract was with a shipping company which mean't long hours but there was still enough time to build great leisure time memories of a time not wasted.

2011/08/16 | Initial Thoughts

Out of Work and stuck for Ideas?

Life is extremely difficult without income and with the current state of the world economy created by our erstwhile leaders the chances of finding a new job in your chosen skill or profession are becoming slim.
If you live in a social welfare state you can lay back, become a couch potato and survive  on your monthly dole payments...until the payments cease that is!

If you live where I do [as an expatriate] you will be forced to stand on your own two feet in order to survive and retain a good quality of life. Of course, the cost of living and taxation is much cheaper here than in, for example, USA, Australia or New Zealand.


If you are like most you will have paid considerable taxes throughout your working life and probably expect to reap some benefit from this. However, with many countries on the verge of insolvency and with job opportunities for young, potential taxpayers dwindling your benefits will be used to pay the bills for your country reducing the amount you can expect to receive.
If your life savings are in US dollars you have probably seen their value eroded by at least 30% over the last 2 or 3 years while the politicians [all on good incomes of course] play their games.


If you can read this blog then you have enough skill to get yourself out of the herd and on the way to a productive and rewarding lifestyle.
Some of the articles presented here will contain links to affiliate sites or products that I personally have for sale, however, they will be clearly marked and you only need to click the link if it seems of interest.
You can also opt-in to the email list to receive regular updates with free articles, e-books and genuine offers of products you will be able to resell.


Firstly, some personal background:
I started out in a beautiful country, which some people still call 'Godzone', with a good education and, in those days, many opportunities for either salaried or self employment. At the end of the third college year I decided that life at school was wasted so applied to join the Navy as an Officer Cadet. My mathematical skills were not up to the required standard [aged 16 years at this time] so had to settle for a 2nd option; an Engineering apprenticeship. As it happened this was a stroke of luck because the 2nd option set me up with a much better skill-set for handling the following years of life than an Officer Cadetship would have.
I am now 60 years old and, since leaving the Navy in 1972 and several short term jobs [less than 3 years duration each] in my wake, have travelled throughout the Pacific and Asia experiencing life to the full and learning how to make a living on the move. I am still learning and that is a very significant key - never think that you know everything, be humble and always prepared to learn, Success will be yours!


With a travelling lifestyle it is not easy to make a fortune, the rich guys have either got lucky or spent years in the same office [or basement] focused on a single objective.
However, there is money to be made and when travelling many opportunities present themselves. The main idea is not to turn any opportunity down. Research it by all means, make sure it is legal and above board, if it is and you think it suits you then have a shot. Most important here - do NOT listen to the advice of family and friends, use the council within yourself and go for it. I have no regrets and have taken many opportunities most of which were successful in contributing to my continued survival within a chosen lifestyle. I have learned from the failures at work and play and know that the learning curve has made me a stronger, better person.


One step I will never regret was getting started on the internet in 1995. At this time I had a small service business in Hong Kong where one really has to work hard to succeed. My claim to fame here is that I was the first business in that niche to put an email address in a magazine advertisement. The rest of the businesses in the niche laughed at this but where would we be without email now....the website I built in that era and have used for business since 2002 is still going strong and producing income.