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Advice about online dating, is it for you and some of the better ways to approach the subject.
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2011/08/22 | Reading Profiles for Success

Reading Online Dating Profiles for Success

How well you pull the right kind of people to your online dating profile largely depends on the nature of the content that goes in it. The profile is the means of knowing you as a person. Others have only this route to finding out the kind of personality you have. And hence, it is crucial that you think thoroughly about what you are putting in there. The profile you have will be the evaluator of the kind of relationship you will ultimately have.

One of the first things that others will look for in your profile is how similar you are to them. When you check someone’s personal page, look for things that you think you share. It could be your taste in music, movies, books, clothes, food, etc. the more you have in common with someone, the more chances you will have of getting along with them. You may try and get adventurous here by picking someone who is diametrically opposite to you. While it may seem exciting in the
first few days, interest on either side may fade as there may be nothing to talk about after a while.

It is perfectly acceptable to let others know what you are comfortable with and what you aren’t. One of the biggest aspects of online dating is that it reaches to people across diverse cultures. You may be in the same city, but culturally disparate. There would be no point in attempting to fit into a culture that are not at ease with. So don’t try and go talking to a person when they are into the motorcycle culture, and you are into painting.

It is only fair that you have a look at their pictures before you decide to approach them. Everyone has some expectations as far as looks are concerned. You should check pictures to see whether you are OK with the way they look. Often, people are more attracted to a profile rather than looks, and sometimes, it is the other way round. It will probably be more productive if you narrow down your criteria before starting a conversation. Ideally, successful relationships are based on a how wach person feels about the other but you also need to like what you see.

The kind of pictures that people put up says a lot about them. There may be friends, family, colleagues, etc. They will also give you some idea about the kind of person he/she is and what they do for fun. Another advantage of this is that you can stay away from posers. When people put pictures that are unclear, it may mean that they are trying to hide. They are merely looking for a good time and not dating per se. Avoid such people.

The language people use is always a giveaway. You can always know where a person is coming from based on the language the employ. Abusive and profane language is something most sane people want to keep away from. You need to be able to communicate with the person on the same wavelength. And therefore, see whether they match your style and speed of thinking.

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2011/08/18 | The Best Online Profile

Create a Great Online Dating Profile

One of the better internet ideas of recent times is online dating. This takes the idea of
relationship development to a different level altogether. One the best features that this kind of social interaction possesses is the extent to which you can control it. You get to pick the time and duration of your chat. You can constantly keep in touch by emailing and make phone calls or appointments for a meeting when you feel ready. This gives you the advantage of keeping the process in control so that you can organise the social aspect of your life better.

Online dating heavily relies on the kind of public profile you create. This is the only way a prospective date will look you up and form an opinion. And therefore, it is imperative that you make a profile that has appeal. It is easy to get lured into a false sense of complacency. We may get carried away by the potential and the disguise the Internet can afford us.

Building a good and interesting online profile is the key to having people look you up. Remember that nobody ever gets attracted to a profile that appears boring. The profile will be seen as a reflection of your personality. And so, if you do not bother to fill it up, it will appear that you are not really interested or are hiding so that you are not recognized. Either way, it sends out the wrong message.

Not writing enough also conveys that you do not want people to know you. Others would like to date you only if they see something in common with you. If you put in just the basics, like age, gender, location, etc., it is unlikely that you will get any serious responses.

Whatever kind of person you are looking for, start positive and remain positive. No one wants to talk to a person that seems under a dark cloud all the time. A happy, optimistic person will appear much more attractive than someone who is a skeptic. Remember that people date so that they can gain something joyful from a relationship, they do not date to have others’ bad moods imposed on them. It is a good idea to keep your bad days to yourself for a while before the other feels comfortable listening to them and is genuinely sympathetic.

Sometimes people spend a long time waiting for the right kind of people to look them up, but it never does happen. This ultimately discourages them and they end up feeling that online dating is not for them, or worse, that it’s a sham. This usually happens when your profile sends out the wrong message about you. If you fill up your profile with details that are too general, others will have a difficult time deciding whether you are worth chatting to or whether you have anything in common at all. Be specific about your criteria regarding the person you would like to date. This will obviously help you attract the kind of people you’d prefer talking to. If you are specific about your likes and dislikes, your chances of meeting that special person will definitely increase.

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2011/08/15 | Is Online Dating For You?

Is Online Dating for You?

At some stage in life, we all lose the motivation to start, build, and maintain romantic relationships; ‘ah! I think it’s better to be single’, you have heard that said before. There could be several factors relating to this attitude. One factor can be a busy career and the lifestyle that tends to go with it. Often, we get so caught up in our own professional lives, that we neglect the opportunity to nurture the people we have in our personal lives. Many times, friendships and relationships pass us by – we are always too busy with work or work functions.
Another reason may be negative past experience in relationships. When we have been hurt and suffered traumatic breakups or separations, we tend to introvert and build a wall around ourselves in order to avoid further personal commitment.

Most of us wish there was an easier way to start and build a relationship without giving too much of ourselves away in the process. When faced with this dilemma a good idea is to give online dating a try.

Online dating is similar to blind dating but much better, you don’t even have to leave your home to make the initial moves and the ‘pool’ of potential partners is huge. There are times when we are unsure about taking an initiative with someone because we ask ourselves whether it will be worth the effort. Online dating lets you meet a person without any obligations and with very little effort on your part.

If you are the shy kind, and take a long time to open up to a new person, online dating can be very helpful for you. You can easily chat with people without having to worry about their judgment of you. You can get to know people at your own pace and not be rushed into any compulsive action. Also, people tend to become reticent when it comes to face-to-face conversations, but are more open about themselves when writing an email. This kind of service can be of great benefit you.   

If you are a busy professional, what could be easier than maintaining a relationship that requires just a few mails? If things progress well you can start to invest more time and attention. Newer social networking and dating sites offer instant messaging, chat and even video chat. For someone constantly on the move, online dating gives the ability to start and maintain a long-distance relationship and the freedom to monitor its development at his or her own pace.

There are some pitfalls with online dating you need to be aware of because virtuality has many faces. It is very easy to lie and create a false profile on the internet and scammers are out there in force. You may not want to invest the time in figuring out whether or not a person is genuine and if you have had distressing relationships in the past and a person turns out to be phony, it mayput you off future relationships. In this respect online dating can be risky but as long as you are aware you should be prepared.

There are ways to ensure at least some level of safety and authenticity and the Internet advertises many online dating services. With some research you can pick the right service that will offer you the options you require. A site that offers full options with advanced search and moderation before approval of profiles and images is best. However, the final judgment is always yours and you will soon be able to sort the players from the genuine members. A site like MyUpscaleDaddy is an excellent place to start especially as new membership builds.       

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