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Let's Cancel Christmas, It's Been a Tough Year!

Opinion on Christmas giving in the recession, greedy bankers and Wall Street brokers, jobs and politics.
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2011/11/07 | Let's Cancel Christmas, It's Been a Tough Year!

I suggest that we all forget about Christmas gifts this year and think about our own situation, especially if the intent was to use a credit card to waste money on gifts for others. Why not just give your loved ones LOVE for Christmas? Love does not cost anything and will probably be much more appreciated than some useless Christmas trinket or a new pair of socks.


The wealthy are just getting wealthier so they probably won't need to change their plans for Christmas purchasing. However, for the rest of us life in this recession is pretty hard especially if we are in the ranks of the unemployed and the benefit payment has stopped.


Full employment  for semi skilled people is pretty much a thing of the past in USA and most other Western countries are following down that road. The only Western country where it appears that one could still have a reasonable chance of getting work is Australia and that country is set to run out of water in 20 years so don't expect the job to be long term!


Let's face facts; the world is a mess and the current crop of politicians are just making matters worse; a prime example of this is the joke of a government in Greece. They have now gone 'out of the fry pan into the fire' with a Coalition about to be formed and that means that there will never be any agreement about anything! Greeks had better start digging up all those old Drachma from wherever they dumped them!


Even though they have money for Christmas the greedy bankers and stock market manipulators will get their deserved karma all in good time. Whereas we, the 99%, are learning to survive on little and live with the essentials, when their luck runs out they can only put a gun to their head or jump out of the office window. If you watch CNBC or Bloomberg you would tend to think that the share markets are the only economic factor representing world growth. That seems to be the only subject that the so-called experts brought in for interview are able to waffle on about. Corporate growth in America is about putting people out of work and outsourcing the jobs to Asia where people can afford to live for $10/day!


This so as bankers and Wall Street [or any other share market street] people can maintain their fat bonuses. Bernie Madoff only said one honest thing in his life. He said "I realized from a very early stage that the market is a whole rigged job. There’s no chance that investors have in this market.”—Bernie Madoff
He got what he deserved but will probably still get his Christmas pudding and presents in jail. The people who were greedy or stupid enough to trust him and were left penniless or with less pennys will be doing it tough this Christmas.


So let's just get back to the basics this year, and probably the next 5 or 6 years. Put the credit card away and use available cash to buy items like the Christmas pudding which will help you get through the upcoming happy holidays with a little bit of Christmas Cheer. Just give the people close to you some LOVE for Christmas, you will be well rewarded.Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Software